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Balkan Kaleidoscope activities with the students in Ravenna

Balkan Kaleidoskope is a project meant to spread the knowledge of the war in Yugoslavia, that has been one of the most bloody conflicts of our current world in order to create a culture of peace for young people to be based on  a sort of European shared awareness concerning one of the most controversial and debated event in European history. The project, supported by  the European Community, has been addressed to 22 teachers, representatives of European institutions and municipalities, and  has been supposed to improve several perspectives and based experience teaching. The students have been involved in order to find some information and to produce documentation related to the war in ex Yugoslavia.
Our municipality in Ravenna engaged us, as history teachers in Liceo Oriani, to develop this project because we have been dealing with ex Yugoslavia history since 2015, by taking our classes to Bosnian, Serbian and Croatia almost every school year. The young people engaged are seventeen and eighteen years old students from our Liceo, in particular belonging to the forth and fifth classes.
All the material produced by the project is available on line at this link:

Stages of our project

During the first steps of our project, we attended a tailor made training seminar for teachers held from 15 to 18 November 2017 in Osijek, Croatia, called “Multi perspectivity in history teaching”. According to the activity plans made all together, we decided to focus on the following issues:

  1. adopting innovative methodological approaches to history teaching (multi perspectivity, objectivity and resistance to being manipulated, visits of places and direct contacts with witnesses, search and cataloguing of documents);
  2. spreading the knowledge and a deeper understanding of the war in ex- Yugoslavia in our European society;
  3. stimulating our students to search for historical sources and witnesses;
  4. giving voice to our students’ emotions during the visits to the war places;
  5. leading our students to create stories, descriptions, narratives  which is supposed to collect witnesses’  experiences and students’ impressions involved in this experience by producing photo, video and interviews.


As concerns the second step in the above-mentioned project we started to work at the project since february 2018 spending at least 1 hours a week to supervise our students in selecting, collecting and ordering all the documentation and material produced about their experience in Ex Jugoslavia (video, photo and  interviews). After that, from april to june, the students  wrote an iBook telling their tale in ex Jugoslavia in parallel with relating the  history of the main cities visited during our travels.

Regarding the third step, we took part in the conclusive meeting held in Mostar from fourth to seventh October 2018. During this international briefing the teachers and the representatives of students ( we had three students) reported about their experience and shared the final product.
This project is available on line at this address:;
You can also examine it on the site of our high school at the following address:

Our concluding activity was the presentation of our iBook and students’ experience on 12 december 2018, on the occasion of the war exhibition called WAR IS OVER held by the most prestigious museum in Ravenna, MAR    (, in the presence of the main political Ravenna representatives and in presence of the citizens and audience in the Museum.

Prepared by

Emanualla Serri, Rossella Giovannini, history teachers