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Lda Zavidovici team members were engaged with the group of secondary school students to whom we presented the concept of multiperspectivity in history teaching, with special emphasis on the importance of personal stories of eyewitnesses and narrative that are seen from different perspectives through the workshops.
The first workshop was held on April 19th 2018, at ALD Zavidovići headquarters with high school students. Students were introduced to the project, its goals and tasks.
A workshop was held on the topic „What the young people know about the Yugoslav wars“. In the workshop, using the methods of multiperspectivity, they presented their views on the concepts and events related to the life in Yugoslavia and the events during its breakup.
They were also introduced to the importance of personal stories and oral history, and were given research tasks to start exploring the personal cases of oral history in their community and make notes and create short stories about them.
In this way, pupils deepened their knowledge of different views on historic events, independently treating collected personal stories of the people from their local community who were affected by the war.


The second workshop was held on May 9th and May 23rd on the theme "Victory Day - Day of Europe"
Students formed in groups had the task of looking at the role of European integration from the point of view of multiperspectivity.
Also in the part of the workshop, the contents of personal stories were collected by students research.
Groups of students are familiarized with the concept of multiperspectivity in history teaching, and on the elements of this methodical practice. Students through different forms of communication have established views of historical events without textbook guidance. They learned to watch events from different angles, which aims to improve interethnic and inter-confessional dialogue and coexistence in the area of the underlying activities of various ideologies, politics and propaganda.
They also gradually developed the ability of critical thinking and independent research, applying different angles (taking other people's shoes) as well as the independent interpretation of events.

During the reporting period, the following activities were realized:

Two groups of high school students were formed.
Students were introduced with the project, its goals and activities.
Two teachers based on experiences from a workshop held in Osijek held two workshops using the multiperspectivity methodology.
Students carried out individual research with the goal of collecting personal stories of people affected by war.
During the workshops, along with the content prepared by the teachers, the student's research was processed as well.
Interactive workshop on "What young people know about the Yugoslav wars" was organised at the end to present the personal narratives of the eyewitnesses.

ENGLISH ALD Zavidovici Balkan Kaleidoscope Final Conference Mostar presentation

BOSNIAN ALD Zavidovici Balkan Kaleidoscope Final Conference Mostar presentation

Prepared by Najdan Starčević i Haris Husić, history teachers